Monday, August 10, 2009

Max Logan

One of my very best friends Lindsey had her baby boy Max Logan Zmolik last Thursday. Lindsey and I have been friend since the 3rd grade, so we've been friends for about 19 years now...WOW, that's a long time to have a friends. (I feel very blessed). She was my matron of honor in my wedding and her oldest daughter was my flower girl.
This Lindsey and I (one of our many many thousands of pictures we've taken together)

This is Lindsey and her husband Jeff's 4th child. I couldn't imagine having 4 kiddo's. She is a wonderful mom and bless her for being able to do it. Max came in to the world a little early...a month early, but he is just perfect and is doing great, and so is mom! I am crazy about him, he is just the cutest little bitty thing I've held. I've been by to see him 3 times already since he's been born. I'm sure she's tired of me and ready for rest, but I just can't get enough. Max and Kynlie should be in the same grade growing up...I sure hope so. Lindsey and I use to play "house" as kids and have pretend kids, but now we no longer have to pretend, we finally have kids the same age (or close enough)
Here are a few pictures I got of him. They are not all that great because some are taken from my phone or were text to me. But it won't be hard for you to see how cute this baby boy is.

Max Logan Zmolik
August 06, 2009
6 lbs, 3 oz, & 18 inches

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Annie said...

you two ladies are beautiful!
baby max is just precious!
not to mention your little lady, she is adorable! love those bows!!