Friday, August 21, 2009

Show Us Your Life - Baby Showers

This Friday is at Kelley's Korner it's Baby Showers.
I'll show one of the baby showers that was thrown for me by some of my good friends. It was a couples shower. It was in the middle of July and it was HOT! They had it half inside and half outside so the guys could play horse shoes. Here are some picture from our baby shower.

The yummy cake

Brad and I


Some of my best friends from high school. Bethany, (me), Lindsey, and Kari

My niece Bailee and me

My daddy, my father-n-law, and Brad. Getting ready for a game

The guys playing a shower game, to see who can change a diaper the fastest. Brad did not win. HA!

Opening gifts

This is one of my best friends Kari. I helped host her baby shower. She had a sweet baby boy, Ryder.

Us girls lovin on Ryder


Carisa said...

The picture of the guys putting diapers on dolls was priceless! You are so cute, you look like Kelly Clarkson. :)
Mrs. Petrie @

Khordaddy said...

Hah I love it! A cowgirl baby shower. True to Texas! She definitely is a cutie. Little girls truly are a blessing :)

And yeah, big game tonight...sorta.

Christa said...

LOVE the cake! You are soo cute. Your shower looks like so much fun! Love the picture of the guys changing the babies diaper's! Too funny!

Shayna Mills said...

What a fun day that must have been, hopped over here from Kelly's blog. I live in Anna, but I'm from Mexia and drive through Ennis almost every weekend. I had my baby girl last Aug and threw a huge 1st birthday party, I'm sure you'll have so much doing one for your little one.