Monday, July 13, 2009


Today I'm going to post a few videos of Kynlie. One of her saying "Uh Uh OH" It's so cute! The other ones are of her walking with her baby doll stroller. She just started to do this, this past weekend. We haven't been able to slow her down ever since.

Here is the video of her saying "UH UH OH". I say "UH OH" and she repeats "UH UH OH" then gets really excited when she sees her daddy in the kitchen. It's a very quick video.

This one is her walking with her baby doll stroller. I'm not sure why it's so dark, but you can see it good enough.

And this one, is just a short one of her walking. She would have gone further, but daddy's leg got in the way and she gave up. This one is also dark :(

Here is a very cute picture that Heather sent me today of Grace and Kynlie loving on each other. It's so sweet!

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Christa said...

We do sound a lot alike!!! That is such a cute video!