Sunday, July 5, 2009

10 Months

Today our sweet baby girl is 10 months old. I feel like I just posted about her being 9 months. Time is flying by us so fast. Only 2 more months and we will be having her 1 year old birthday party! I'm supper excited about it. I've been planning and buy things already.

Kynlie is such a joy to be around. She's changing more and more everyday that goes by. I love watching her grow and learn new things.

She is still wearing 3-6 month clothes, some 6-9 months
She eats all of the number 3 foods and LOVES them
She loves to have sips of cold water from her sippy cup. She holds it great!
We have put her in the big bath tub and she loves it
She weighs 17 lbs
She is still a breast fed baby
She talks up a storm every where we go and while playing
Her new things is copy cat...she loves to copy the sounds me or daddy make
She says UH-OH all the time
She claps at everything, even if she's upset
She is still sleeping in her bed all night long
Her eyes are almost completely brown
She's getting a little hair and it's coming in brown (I think)
She has two bottom teeth all the way through and one top tooth breaking through
She says DaDa all the time
She says momma sometime, more when she's upset and wants me
She points at things she sees
She loves Mickey Mouse Club House. Mickey Mouse is her favorite
She stands up with out holding on to anything for a long time
She walks along side the coffee table and the couch
She's trying to learn how to wave Bye Bye
She love music. Anytime there is music she bounces up and down and gets very excited
She is a VERY VERY happy girl!!!


Cathy P said...

She will be walking all over the place (running actually) before you know it. What a cute little June Bug!

Crystal said...

So sweet!!! We have this same dress and love it.