Thursday, July 30, 2009

"Show Us Your Life" Wedding Party/Flowers

Once again I'm participating in Kelly's "Show Us Your Life" Wedding Party/Flowers.

I LOVED my wedding party. They were all my very best friends I grew up with and my two sister-n-laws. My bridesmaids were, Kari, Lindsey, Dawn, Andie (snl), Jamie, Robyn (snl), & Alisha. I had one Jr. Bridesmaid, my niece Bailee and one flower girl, my best friend Lindsey's little girl Lainey. I did not have a maid of honor, just two matrons of honors. All my bridesmaids were married. Kari and Lindsey were my two matrons of honor.
Brad's groomsman were, Cory, Matt, Blake, Cody (my brother), Scott, Dusty (bnl), & BooBoo. All good high school buddies of Brads. His best men were Cory and Matt. His ring boy was his nephew Kage.
We also had four ushers. Cody, Dustin, Taylor, & Derek. All good friend to both of us.

My girls wore beautiful red strapless dresses. Very flattering!

The guys wore black tux's with white shirts and red vest to match my girls dresses.

My flowers were also so very pretty! My colors were red and yellow. I carried red Gerber Daisy's and my girls carried yellow Gerber Daisy's. The guys wore yellow Gerber Daisy's boutonnieres. Looked great together!

I could have not been more happy with the way my wedding turned out!!

Here are some snap shots of me and some of my bridesmaids. (the pictures above are part of my wedding book from the photographer, that's why they say PROOF across them)

Us girls before the ceremony

Dawn & I

Lindsey & I (moh)

Andie & I (my snl)

Bailee & I (my niece & Jr. Bridesmaid)

Me & my momma!


Jessica and Michael said...

Beautiful pictures! Saw you listed at Kelly's Korner.

Christa said...

LOVE your dress and the yellow daisy's!!

Aggie said...

Just visiting from Kellys Korner

I love your gerbera daisies