Monday, July 20, 2009

2 Years Together

2 Years ago, I married my best friend. I could not be happier than I have ever been. We have a wonderful life together. He makes me laugh so much. Having someone to make you laugh everyday, even when you're in a down mood, is very important. I'm so thankful he's the man that he is. He is a wonderful husband who spoils me rotten (probably more than he needs to). He's an awesome daddy, and I mean that, he's awesome! I truly love everything about him, even when he's being a "man" HA. I would not trade him for the world. I love him because he gave me our beautiful daughter. I see so much of him in her. I hope she has his sense of humor when she grows up (although I'd like to think I'm pretty funny at times) . He is a very handsome man, of course or I would not have married him ;)! He's all about his family and I love that about him.

We first really met at a party in our home town. We had "known" of each other, but had really never hung out. A girl-friend of mine actually liked his best friend and so the friend always came around to see her so Brad tagged along. I liked him, but would never admit to it. I had "heard" that he liked me, but was like "really, cool", but deep down, I was excited. So finally I gave in and started letting it come public of my feelings HA. I guess you can say we officially started to date December 2004. We moved in together in July 2005, got engaged June 2006 and married July 2007 and then had our first most beautiful daughter together in September 2008 and are still living as happy as can be.

Here are pictures of our life together from start till now

This is one of our first pictures together as a couple. New Years 04/05

These next few pictures will show you what kind of personality my hubby has

This was New Years 07-08 (that's the night I find out I was pregnant...see the glow in my face??)

Dancing at our wedding

Us at a wedding (me big and pregnant)

On one of many trips to Hot Spring Arkansas

I love you Bradley Joe Kubin. Thank you for 2 wonderful years of marriage. I can't wait for many more years to come!

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Cathy P said...

Awwww - what a sweet tribute to your family. You and Brad are so lucky and I am certain you will have many, many wonderful years together.