Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Change. Any Advise?

We will be having a lot of changes coming up in the next few months. Once Kynlie turns one I hear there is a lot of adjustments to be done. The doctor told us at her 6 month check up that we needed to start getting her off the bottle and introducing her to a sippy cup. Well, she's not on a bottle that much, because I'm still breastfeeding her. She does very well with a sippy cup when there is water in it. I have not tried letting Heather put her milk in a sippy cup yet. I'm scared she won't take it, but I guess I need to try to find out.
Another problem is, at night, she does not take a bottle. She eats straight from momma. I plan on stopping breastfeeding when she turns one year. Her routine at night is dinner, bath, mommy's milk, and then she falls a sleep on me. How do I break her of this habit?? (to be honest...I'm not sure I'm ready to break the habit) (there is no better felling than cuddling up with you baby like that) I know I could pump and put it in a bottle and give it to her that way, but with her laying in my arms, she going to want "me". Also, I'm not producing as much as I use to and I've heard more milk comes out by the baby sucking than pumping. (sorry TMI?) I have a lot of thinking and figuring to do.
Also do I give her cows milk in place of the breast milk after she turns one? I'm a lost mommy! A new mommy!

Now to the pacci! This is our (mommies) best friend. I've been really good lately, I think. I try and only give it to her when she's really fussy, nap times, and at bed time. I've had a habit of popping that thing in her mouth as soon as she's done eating. Why? I don't know! She will only take one type of pacci and we have TONS of them laying around the house and every time I turn around she's found one and stuck it in her mouth. If she see's it she has to have it. If she doesn't see it, she's just fine. So I know if I try now, I can break her from a pacci. But, am I really ready to do this?? Why is it so hard for me?

Will she still eat baby food after one? I'm talking about the baby food in a jar? I know they have toddler food, but she'll still be too small for that, I'm sure.

I need help? What to do when they turn 1??? I LOVE being a new mommy. I wouldn't trade it for the world, but I NEED HELP!
If anyone out there reads my blog. I need mommy advise!


Kristina and TJ said...

Well I'm not a mommy yet, but as a nutritionist, I think it is amazing that you are still breast feeding. I wish all mom's would for a year. I will see what advice my sister has for you. Although Jase is just now gave up his pacci and he is two. :)

The Hobbs said...

Grant turned 1 in April. I wasn't able to breastfeed, so he took the bottle. Once he turned one, I switched him to cow's milk. Yes, only give her cow's milk until after she is 1. I give him whole, some peditricians say 2% due to the high children's obesity rate. They are not to drink more than 20oz of milk per day. Grant never took a sippy cup until after he was one. I had trouble with him drinking out of it until I just got rid of the bottle totally. It worked, he was thirsty so he was forced to figure out the sippy cup. Grant still has the passy. I try to keep it out of his mouth unless its nap time or bed time. Also, he has began talking and he can't talk with that thing in his mouth. After we get back from our trip this weekend we are going to try to get rid of it. He will be going to Children't Day Out starting in Sept. 2 times a week so I don't want them to have to deal with it. I'll keep you updated on THAT process! Now, as far as milk before bed, Grant just started refusing it a month and a half ago. I'd give him a sippy cup full of milk and he'd just take 2 sips and he was done. Also, at 1 year you need to make sure you or her is brushing her teeth. You get the really cute little toothbrush and the non-floride training toothpaste. Grant LOVES to do it. He basically just chews on it it different parts of his mouth, but the dentist says thats good enough. People at work tried to tell me that he needed to go to the dentist at 1. I talked to my dentist and he said no need until they are 3 or 4. Just keep the milk from sitting on their teeth all night. Wow, long comment, but you know, I'm about half a year ahead of you on the new mommy stuff, so I know what you're going through!

Cathy P said...

First, I don't think it would hurt to still let her nurse at night if she wants to. You don't really have to continue to pump, just let her do it at night as long as she wants. Also, as far as the pacci goes (you have a hard time because she is getting older and it just happens so fast and it is hard to get past that stage - all very normal). If you take all of them though (at least this is what I did with Kelsey's bottle) and you let her throw them away, or at least make them think that, they will forget about it in a few days. This again doesn't necessarily have to happen right away in my opinion.

Yes, she can still eat baby food out of the jar after she turns 1 and I would continue to feed it to her, but that is up to you and whatever your doctor suggests.

You are doing great Christie and I think Kynlie is right on track.

bowsandmorebygracylu said...

Hi! I have 2 kids Harrison is 3 and Gracylu is 20 months. I nursed both of them and LOVED it! We didnt use the pacci, i tried to give it to them but they didnt want it.

Dont stress out about her turning 1 just enjoy it while you can! As far as food jsut feed her what you want. I never went by "the book" its what your baby is ready for and you will know.

nurse her until your ready to wean her. mine had cups with water/juice and i still breastfed. when i did stop breast feeding they went straight to a cup not a bottle and also i used whole organic milk. then as they got a little older i switched to 2% organic. I use organic because if free of all the added growth hormones! I hope i gave you some good advice. =)