Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Just Randomness

Here are a few random pictures from our holiday weekend. I'll post a Thanksgiving post later. We went to Brad's grandma's like we do every year. It was great! Like I said I'll do a post, probably tomorrow.

This is my favorite picture below!! This is Kynlie Thanksgiving night, after I took her out of her Thanksgiving dress and put her in her Aggie gear. She has her pearls and purse and she's ready to go to the game! (too bad we didn't really get to go) It was a GREAT game and I mean GREAT!!! I really thought the Aggies were going to pull through and win. They played their hearts out.

Friday night, I put up my Christmas tree...with my new decorations!!! We have a small tree, but it will work for now. It fit perfect in our old house, but now our ceilings are taller and it looks little. I'm thinking about buying a bigger one when they go on sale after Christmas, if they have the one I want.

I also, put of a tree in Kynlie's room! A little bitty tree with hot pink ornaments! I love it!

Saturday and Sunday daddy put lights on the house. He ran into a little problem and will have to fix it, so we don't get to turn them on yet :(

This is what Kynlie did while daddy hung lights

...and off she goes

"Here mommy, before I put it in my mouth"


Can you say PERFECT!!! I just love this picture. I love that face to death!! I could kiss that those sweet cheeks all day long. and those eyes, just melt my heart. Oh how I love her!!!

This was the other night at dinner. HA, our not so picky eater! She was ready to chow down

Our office is moving to a new building Christmas weekend. So I better get off the computer and go do some more packing.


Christa said...

Love Kynlie's Aggie gear! I wish the Aggies would of won they played SO hard!!!

Rebekah said...

I love her little Aggie outfit. I always see the A&M one and the Texas one here in Waco. I wish I could find a Razorback one for Cilla!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I love how her food is separated! Such a big beautiful girl -- you're a lucky momma!