Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving at Memaw & Pappy's

This past Sunday we had Thanksgiving at my mom and daddy's house. There was lots of good food...turkey, ham (my favorite) dressing, green-bean casserole, hominy casserole (my 2nd favorite), broccoli rice and cheese, potato's, & rolls. For dessert, we had a pumpkin pie and my sticky butter pumpkin cake. It was all to die for!

I like to compare this year to last year with pictures of Kynlie. I love to see how she's changed. So here are pictures of last year and this year. (sorry the pictures of this year are so bad. I have no idea why they came out bad. We have a great camera, it must have been set on a wrong setting)

Last Year 2008

This Year 2009

Last Year 2008

This Year 2009 (This is my sister-n-law and niece. Yes they are mother and daughter, although, they look like sisters)

Last Year 2008
This Year 2009

Last Year 2008

This Year 2009

My favorite picture from last year 2008

My favorite picture from this year 2009. She had pulled her bow off and her band across her face and was running up and down the hallway with it over her eyes. It was very funny!

and I love this picture too...she had to have her milk and juice at the same time!

She's changed so much from last year. She LOVED all the food. She ate like a champ!
I'm so Thankful to have her in my life! I thank God for letting me be her mom. What a privilege!!


Christa said...

What cute pictures! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Katie said...

Christie~ Happy Thanksgiving. Thank for your sweet thoughts and prayers.

Rebekah said...

Precious family pics! Golly, these girls grow up too fast!!!