Tuesday, December 15, 2009

15th Month

We had Kynlie's 15th month check up Friday. Friday was a hectic day. I had to leave work early to go get some paper work done so that I could go pick my car up from the shop (it broke down on me) and then had to hurry and take Kynlie to the doctors...where we sat for an 1 1/2 appointment!!
(picture taken by my phone)
The doctors visit went well though. She is just perfect! She has not gained any weight, she is in the 25 percentile of her weight. He is not concerned at all he said. He said that now days in America that most kids are obese and that she is going to be really petite and it's ok. I don't know how this is possible because she eats every thing that is given to her and drinks tons of milk everyday. She has gotten taller though!! She may be tall and skinny when she gets older. One thing I have never been is tall, so she did/will not get it from me!
(picture taken by my phone)
She ran around the room the whole hour we waited. She was good for the most part. She would get a little restless every now and then, and then get going again.
Then the doctor finally came in. Then she had to get her shots....no fun!! But she only cried for a little bit. She's a big girl!

Funny story... my daughter LOVES to dance. Anytime there is any kind of music playing, she will stop what she's doing and start dancing. While we were in the waiting room they had Ellen Degeneres on and if you've ever watched it you know she always dances on her show and has fun music playing. Well, Kynlie stopped in her tracks when it started and started to dance. The whole waiting room just laughed so hard at her and just loved it! She's a star!

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Heather said...

She is so stinkin' adorable!! Happy 15 months!!