Monday, December 7, 2009

The Start of Lots of Christmas Activities

Our town had their annual Parade of Lights last week and Brad and I along with my mother-n-law took Kynlie to see it and so I could see my niece too. She's a high school cheerleader and they are always in the parades. Brought back some memories! It sure was cold that night, we had Kynlie all nice and bundled up. She really enjoyed her self I think. I just knew she would be scared of the police cars and fire trucks with their sirens but she wasn't at all...she just "UH and AW" the whole time.

The Great Ennis Lions Band

Samson and Delila

Enjoying her self


Just strolling along in the cold

My niece Bailee (on the far right) and two of her friends

Saturday, my mom and I took Kynlie to see Santa. The good news is that she did not cry at all!! Bad news, I couldn't get her to smile. She just had a blank look on her face. So this is the best I got. I still think she's the best thing in the world and cute as can be!

We did a lot of shopping afterward and Kynlie was great the whole time we shopped!

On an other note... Friday after work, my boss took all of us girls out for happy hour and then to see the Blind Side with Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw!

Wonderful movie!!!!! Loved it!!


Rebekah said...

I love your coat!

Christa said...

Looks like fun! Love her little Christmas dress!! I loved The Blind Side too!!