Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Thanksgiving 09... what?

Yep, I forgot to post about our Thanksgiving at Brad's grandma's. What is wrong with me? I bet it's that Holiday food getting to me, it's making my brain swell, along with my waist!

Here are a few picture from Thanksgiving day at grandma Kubin's

Sitting high in the sky on PawPaw's shoulders

My sweet baby girl picked mommy a flower. Don't you just love that face? I do!

You start drinking early when you're a Czech!

Wearing Great-Grandma's shower/cooking cap HA!

There you have it... a few pictures of our Thanksgiving at the Kubin's.

Here a few picture from last year at Thanksgiving. She was almost 3 months in these pictures.


Carley said...

Love her dress!

Isn't it crazy how fast they grow?!

the Spocks said...

I like A&M but my husband grew up in AR. Your daughter is adorable!