Thursday, February 16, 2012

Kooper - 6 Months

Hard to believe our boy is 6 months old. A half a year old. WOW time really does fly when you're having fun. He is as amazing as he was the day he was born. I could not imagine our lives with out him. I can't even remember what we did with out two kids. HA!

We had his WCC yesterday. He got a great report. Not to our surprise he's a big boy! He weighs 20.312 lbs (honestly I'm not sure .312 is 31oz?) and he's 28.15 inches long. He's in the 90% for weight and 95% for hiegth

He has his two bottom teeth and working on the two top. He's sitting up by his self. He rolls from back to front, but not front to back very well. There's a lot to roll HA! He's gibber gabbing a lot, saying DA DA DA when he's crying and M M MA sometimes. He love to make spit bubbles and stick his tongue out.

He's been trying to crawl. He'll push up on his hands and kind of bend one knee. I'm ok if he doesn't crawl for a little while. I'd kinda like to keep him a baby as long as I can HA! He LOVES LOVES his sister. He will laugh at her all day long....if she's being nice HA! He loves when she plays Peek A Boo with him.

He really enjoys taking a bath but does not like getting out and getting lotion and pj's on. Him and sister both cried at this age after bath time. He's also very attached to me. I have to hide from him sometimes or he's going to scream for me to hold him. If I'm in the same room and I'm not hold him he's a mess. Sister was the same way too.

He's not my best eater. He loves to nurse and WILL NOT take a bottle. He's not big on the baby food. He'll eat some fruits and he's ate the beef pretty good but he will not eat everyday for me. I'll try oatmeal with fruit for breakfast and I'm lucky if he'll eat 3 bites some days. We'll go a day or two with out baby food because he just refuses to eat. But he'll nurse until the sun goes down....and up HA! Not to be mean or TMI but the term "titty baby" stands true in our family. LOL!!! BUT, he's obviously not lacking in the weight and growth department.

He is not sleeping through the night. He likes to wake up around 2 ish and nurse for a little while and then he's out again until the 4:00 hour. He doesn't fully wake up (if I get to him in time) so that's good and he'll go right back to sleep. He will not take a paci so this is one reason I think he wont sleep all night. One BIG plus about breastfeeding is that I do not have to make a bottle at night and all I have to do nurse him in bed and I can fall asleep with him.

He really seems to like sesame street. I'll put it on and sit him in his jump a roo or on the floor with his boppy and he'll watch most of it and I can get things done. Im thinking a Sesame Street birthday?!?!

I'm truly enjoying having a little boy in my life. What a bond a momma and a son have!! He's my little man.

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Rebekah said...

What?!?! How can that be? Wasn't he born just a few short weeks ago?!?! He is precious, I mean PRECIOUS! That smile could light up a room!