Saturday, February 11, 2012


I saw on pinterest an idea for photo shoot back drops. Wrapping paper!! What a great idea. It's perfect because we have a play room with 3 very large windows that let in a lot of outside light and all I have to do is roll out the paper, tape it to the wall and when I'm done roll it back up!

I practices with it yesterday with some zebra wrapping paper I had left over from kynlies 2nd birthday.

It's not very wide. I may have to use two sheets. It's perfect size for taking pictures of babies. Anyway, this is one picture from my phone I took. The rest are on my camera

However, I did take some great pictures today of "Tinkerbell" and already put them on my Facebook so I was able to save them on my phone. I used hot pink wrapping paper this time.

I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!

With Love

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