Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Make beautiful memories

Today here in Texas, it's in the 70's!!!!! What?? And we are loving it more than anything!!

Days like today makes me feel even more blessed than I already feel about being a stay at home mom/wife.

While kyn was at school today, Kooper and I drove up to Dallas to visit some of my old friends at my old job. They had not met Kooper yet and it was about time seeing that he's almost 6 months old.

When we got home and kyn was out of school we took advantage of the awesome day and played our hearts out outside!

We pulled out the sidewalk chalk. Always fun!

We (I) wrote the kids names over and over in different colors and fonts.

A friend told me on Facebook to dip the chalk in water and it will brighten up the color. So I did! And it did! :))

Kooper enjoyed bouncing in his jump-a-roo! He loves being outside. I have some great pictures of him on my camera I can not wait to upload.

Now kynlie is at church with her nana and one of her favorite persons, her cousin Karlye.

Aren't they cute in their matching shirts I made them?

Koopers a sleep in mt chest and I'm loving it! I'm about to run to Walmart and figure out what's for dinner.

With Love

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