Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Little Of This A Little Of That

The weather here has been so nice. We have been taking advantage of it and going outside a lot.

Kynlie jumped in the "trampatreen" while we laid on the picnic blanket.

We also played on the swing set Bradley and his dad built the kids.

I was laughing so hard at Brad for squeezing in that.

I finally went and got my bangs trimmed, my nails done, and a pedicure. I had me a little "ME" time.

I'm loving my nude color nails!

We bought Kooper a hat and I can't get enough of him wearing it. He's so cute!!

A picture of my favorite girl

Bradley's dad took this picture of Kooper the other night. He said it looked like he was saying Grace.

I've been car shopping (dreaming maybe). I'm hoping by summer we can get me a new car. I'm wanting a SUV of some kind. (Ive had a passat for 5yrs) I was looking at these 2012 ford explores. They are pretty nice. But I'd love to have a Tahoe!

My friend heather and I are taking our girls to Disney on Ice at the end of March. I think I might be a little excited!! I found this cute tinker bell shirt that she can wear with a tutu! (I haven't got it yet) oh the girls are going to be soooo excited!!

We are about to head on over to our friends house for the super bowl. So I better get...

With Love

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Dianna said...

Where did you find that baseball hate for Kooper? I have been looking for one but haven't found small ones.