Friday, August 5, 2011

Odd Pregnancy Cravings

This pregnancy has been totally different the second time around. I don't remember having all these odd cravings I'm having when I was pregnant with Kynlie. When I say odd, I mean I'm not just having cravings for food or drinks, but smells. I like the smell of things more than usually. *****PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THAT THE WRONG WAY, I'M NOT SNIFFING THINGS TO GET HIGH HAHAHA*****

For example: (yes I went around the house and took pictures of stuff HA)

I ran out of my Mary Kay face wash and wasn't up to going on line and reordering, so I went to walmart to get my back up Neutrogena face wash. I decided while I was there to look at other washs and I came across Noxzema. I remember my mom using that when I was younger. I opened it and had to have it. Something about the smell of it was so nice HA! I bought the wash and the facile make-up wipes. I like the smell of the Noxzema so much, I wash my face twice a day no matter what. I've always washed it only in the shower and not in the morning and if I didn't have a shower right before bed, I was too lazy to wash my make up off. (I know, how dare me)I will tell you though, my face has looked a lot better since I've switched. I have to give thanks to Noxzema's SMELL!! HA

Next odd Smells I'm "craving"
Cleaning products! I like the smell of a clean house, who doesn't. But lately the smell of Lysol bathroom cleaner smells so good to me. It has a minty smell. My toilet bowl should be very clean!! That and who doesn't like the smell of Pine sol??? I wish they would make that in a spay or wipe and not just a mopping liquid. I don't have the energy to mop every day to get that smell HA!!

Do y'all think I weird yet???

Tooth paste! Yes I love the way my tooth paste taste. Of course I have to or I wouldn't use the brand I use, but there is a weird craving I have for it and I swear I'm brushing my teeth longer because of it. Also my mouth wash...same craving.

Clean face, teeth, and bathroom!! Let's hope these cravings don't stop after the baby is here HAHAHA!!

Now to the "normal" pregnancy cravings

I cannot get enough ice!!! I eat ice all day long. Sometimes 4 large cups a day if I can. Everywhere I go eat, I always make sure to refill my drink with just ice all the way to the top or ask for a cup of ice to go. I hear it's a sign of low iron. My blood test did come back saying I was low on iron, so I guess it's true.

I have ate more Oreo cookies this pregnancy than I think I have in my life. I've never been a big cookie eater, I like them but not very often. But I'll have a handful of Oreo's at least every other day. Sometimes with milk, sometimes alone.

Same with ice cream. I've ate a lot of ice cream lately. It also could be because of the 100+++ degree weather we are having in Texas. If you follow me on Facebook, I'm sure you've noticed I check in at Braums pretty often. I do not have a specific flavor I like better. I change it up every time I go.

Has anyone else ever had "Odd Cravings" like this??? Or am I the only weird one out here???

Well I'm off to eat cookies, wash my face, brush my teeth and clean my bathroom!!

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