Thursday, August 4, 2011

Kynlie's Birth Story

That's right, Kynlie's. I can not remember if I ever did a post on her birth story and I did not feel like going back and reading to see. So I thought before her brother gets here, I'd document hers, because I know I'm going to document his (so I hope) and it's only fair they both have one. Right?

Kynile was due on August 28, 2008. As most of you reading (mom) knows she did not come then. I was over 40 weeks pregnant with her when I went to my last doctors apt on a Wednesday. Dr. F finally decided to go ahead and set an induction date for that Friday. So all day Thursday I prepared the house and my self for her arrival. I had been cramping and spotting all that day too. Just not feeling myself.

Bradley and I finally decided to go to bed sometime late that night, knowing we had to be at the hospital to check in at 6am. Needless to say I couldn't fall asleep with all the nervousness, anxiety, HAPPINESS, I was feeling. But Bradley had no problems sleeping, he snored all night long HA.

At around 2am I starting cramping really bad and could not get comfortable in bed, so I set up and watched TV. Well it starting happening more. I had a feeling it was contractions, although I had know idea what contracts felt like. This was my first pregnancy. So I started timing them. I don't remember how far apart they were at that time but they were happening more. I finally decided about around 4am to hop in the shower and start getting ready to head to the hospital and check in early. (the hospital was only about 5 minutes down the highway)

I got out of the shower and my contraction were getting worse and it was getting harder to do things. I woke up Bradley and told me we needed to go ahead and get going. I did my hair (somewhat) and my make-up and Bradley helped me put my clothes on and we headed out the door.

I think we got to the hospital about 5am. Checked in and called our parents to meet us there. Thankfully we all live in the same town, so they were there pretty fast. They had already all prepared to be off, because I was suppose to be induced that day.

When we got checked in they wheeled me into a "room" that didn't hold very many people, because we had to wait on a room to open. Apparently there were a lot of babies being born that week. Anyways, the nurse checked me and I was already dilated to a 5!! I was begging for pain meds, but I had to wait till I got in my room before I could get my epidural. They gave me something in my IV to help a little.

I finally was put in my room and the epidural was given to me. Thank God!! From that time till about 10am is kinda foggy, don't recall everything. At around 10 or 11 the nurse checked me again and I was still at a 5. My water hadn't broke on it's own so they ended up braking it for me and then I think sometime after that is when I dilated to an 8!!! WooHoo, she's on her way....

NO, she wasn't!! The day went on, visitors came in and out. I threw up a few times. I tried sleeping. The nurse checked me a number of times and I was stuck at an 8 all afternoon. I remember my doctor coming in at one point saying if I didn't dilate fully she was going to schedule the OR for a c-section. I wasn't too thrilled to hear that.

Well right in the middle of me watching Oprah the nurses came in and checked me and I was still sitting at an 8. They had me start pushing anyways to see if that would help. So I pushed. I threw up again. Then I pushed some more. I would take a break every now and then, but then kept right on pushing during every contraction.

I remember one point Bradley was up at my head helping me and my mom had one leg and a nurse had another leg and Bradley saying "someone switch places with me so I can watch" I know he's my husband but I was a little embarrassed HA!

Pushing at a 8 did help. I ended up dilating all the way and Kynlie was on her way out.

At 5:43 pm Kynlie June Kubin made her way into the world. Weighing 8lb 5oz 20in long. She had dark brown hair with Chinese looking eyes (like her momma) and a round little nose. She was everything I had hope for. Perfect in every way!!!

It was the most amazing experience I've ever had!!! I loved every single minute of my labor and delivery.

(it says 8 3.7 but she was 8 5)
They cleaned her and I up and then handed her right to me and I have not stopped loving on her ever since and I don't plan on it!!!

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