Saturday, August 6, 2011

Happy 100th Birthday Lucille Ball

On August 6, 1911 a star was born. Lucille Desiree Ball was an actress, comedian, model, and radio actress.

On April 26, 1989 an amazing star passed away at the age 77. Much too young!

I have been a fan of Lucy for a long long time. I remember when I was younger and the first TV I had in my room was my moms old, small, black and white TV. The only channel that would come in on that turn knob was the channel "I Love Lucy" came on. I was hook for life!

For some reason Lucy reminded me so much of my Ma. In black and white pictures they looked a like to me. Except my Ma had snow white hair and Lucy had fire engine red. The weird thing is, my Ma was not a huge fan.

I've seen every single rerun of "I Love Lucy" a 100 times each. I have an attic full of collectibles, movies, pictures, calendars, nik naks, etc... Brad and I had a 3 bed room home when we first moved in together and one of the rooms I decorated in black and white with all of my Lucy things. Then when we down sized, so I decorated my laundry room with her pictures. Sadly they are boxed up in the attic. One day I hope to have a house where I can have a room to display all my favorite Lucy collectibles.

The Hallmark channel is playing reruns all day. You will find me laying in my recliner (waiting on brother to arrive) watching "I Love Lucy". As I type this post the episode of her and Ethel stealing John Wayne's footprints is on. I love Hollywood episodes!!!

(this picture was taken 4 week before she died)
Real Life Facts About Lucille Ball:

**Her dad died when she was just 3 or 4 and she was raised by her mom and grandparents. She later lived with her step fathers parents.

**She was born in Jamestown NY (where her charterer is from too) but told people she was from Montana.

**She went to a drama school and her drama teacher told her she didn't have a chance in acting. (little did she know)

**She died on her best friends birthday Carol Burnett April 26, 1989

**She gave birth to her first child at almost 40 years old

**She was only married to Dezi Arnaz for 9 years and to her second husband Gary Morton for 28 years

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Christa said...

I LOVE Lucille Ball! I Love Lucy is one of my fav shows!