Sunday, July 10, 2011

iPhone Pictures (overload)

I have finally gotten around to putting my pictures from my iPhone on to the computer...all 500+ pictures and videos.

So I thought I would share some or a lot of my favorites. Also I just came across an app called Instagram to edit my pictures so some are from that. If you know of any other apps for editing, please share.

(I believe they are in order from most current to oldest)

Me and my new hat....I love!
Cool girl
This was just taken last night. 5 Weeks to go!
Sweet baby boy. Coming soon!!

Ready for a dinner date with momma and daddy
Helping momma make muffins or as she says "nuffins"
Earning her keep!! (just kidding)
Her first time at the movies, Cars 2
Yummy Watermelon on the 4th of July

Enjoying ice cream after church one Sunday
Putting lipstick on, wearing high heels and jewelry...My kinda girl!
Sporting her big sister shirt
Looking so pretty in her dance costume, ready to preform
Fishing with daddy

Kyn and Daddy coloring a master piece
After a bath. She said "mommy, I wear my towel like you"
Playing in her turtle sand box with none other than PINK sand!!!
Before church one Sunday
Not sure how far along I was here

Riding Eddy at Nana and PawPaw's
Silly girl wearing Mr. Potato head's glasses
My Punky Brewster girl (Who remembers Punky Brewster??? Loved that show)
Go Aggies!!! Football season!!
Being her normal silly self

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