Sunday, September 13, 2009

Just A Lot Of Thing

I have a lot I'm going to post about today. My birthday, Brad Paisley, Go Cowboys, & Rain Boots.

Today is my birthday, I'm 28. Two more years and I'll be 30. For some reason, I'm really sad. I LOVE my life, but I'm getting so old...HA!!
This was Kynlie and I last year on my birthday. She was 1 week old

This is Kynlie and I today. She is 12 months and 1 week old

Last night, Brad and I went to the Brad Paisley concert with Derek's Bentley. We had a GREAT time. I love Brad Paisley!! They both put on a wonderful show. It rain the whole time we were there, but think God we have covered seats. We did get wet walking to the truck after the concert, but it was so worth is. Thanks mom and dad for a great birthday gift!
Us before the concert

Today is Sunday, so that means Cowboys play! We are big Dallas Cowboy fans in our house. In fact, we are big football fans in our house. So of course we had to get Kynlie some Cowboy gear. We've bought her 3 onsies, and a t-shirt. This one is one of my has a cheerleader on it.
Kynlie sporting her Cowboys while eating Nilla Wafers

Ok, are these just not the cutest rain boots you've ever seen?? Heather bought them for Kynlie. What perfect has not stopped raining all weekend.

Well, I'm going to go enjoy the rest of my birthday with my hubby and sweet girl. Watch a little Cowboys and eat some sweets.


Christa said...

Happy Birthday!!! Love the Cowboys jersey you have on and Kynlie's little cowboys shirt! I also love Brad Paisely and Dierks Bentley!! I was so best friend works for 96.3 KSCS and got to meet Dierks last night!!! Hope you have a great birthday!!

By the way those boots are adorable!

sarah said...

Happy birthday!

You share your day with my very bestest friend!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Cutest little cowboy fan ever!!! You have a new follower -- cute blog!

Mrs. Williams said...

Your little ones outfit is too cute!!
Happy B-day

*Kc* said...

Just found your cute!! My youngest daughter is a little over a mo younger than your Kynlie. She is such a cutie btw! =)

We like the Cowboys too , even though we're from Arkansas! Always happy to find new 'bloggy friends'

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday a little late!
I love her rain boots, super cute!!!

Erin said...

Love love love those boots! How cute and stylish! Stopping over fro Kellys blog. Love the makeover!