Tuesday, June 30, 2009

There's A June Bug In The Pool!!

See, there's that June Bug...floating around in the pool!

This past weekend, Daddy went and bought Kynlie "June Bug" a pool. It's not much of a pool, but boy does she like it. It's perfect size for her to splash and float around in. It's not a bad size for Daddy and I to relax in either. Something nice to get in and cool off from these hot 100 degree days in Texas.

"Mommy can I get in yet?"

"OK, Mommy, I've waited long enough...let me in the pool"

"AW...Finally, relaxation"

"WOW...Mommy this is fun"

Since we'll be in our back yard a lot more now that we have a pool, we decided to plant some flowers. There is this star shaped rock thing back there, so we planted them there. As time goes on, we'll probably add more to the back yard. It's kind of a plane jane area of our house. I'm sure we'll be having more cook out as well, just like we did this weekend with Brad's parents and my parents.


Cathy P said...

I love the title "There is a June Bug in the pool" hahaha She is so cute. I love your backyard too - that little planter place in your yard is too cute. I really want to get my backyard fixed up.

Amber said...

We've got June Bugs in our pool too...but they are near as cute as yours!!