Thursday, June 4, 2009


That's right! Kynlie said Momma. This morning after I got ready for work, I walked in the living room where her and daddy were playing and I walk pasted her and didn't pick her up, so she started to fuss (as usual) and then she started to follow me around the kitchen as I was getting her food ready to go and I still did not pick her up (I know, bad mom...ha) So, as she fussed, she said "mommammama"! I ran out of the kitchen, to the living room and said to Brad "did you hear it, did you?" he did and then I ran and picked my sweet girl up and twirled her around and gave her big kisses all over. Then I couldn't get her to say it again, of course. Guess I'll just have to start ignoring her so she'll say it.....HA not a chance!!

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Cathy P said...

OMG don't you love that little voice when they say Momma - how sweet. Believe me, you will learn to block it out - hahaha and she will say "Christie!!" and that will get your attention. I love it!