Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bye Bye Baby Bath

We have said farewell to the baby bath tub. Kynlie is finally out growing it. We probably could have got rid of it a while ago, but I just couldn't part from it. She LOVES the big tub. So much more room for her to play with her toys and splash momma and daddy. Now we have to keep and extra eye on her....NOT that we didn't already, but an extra extra eye on her. She tries to stand up in the tub, but we are trying to put a stop to that...we don't need any split and falls.

Bye Bye tub. So long until next time. (MAYBE) :)

Hello big tub!! Now there is room to splish splash!! (next time I'll get a picture with out the paci in her mouth, so we can see that big pretty smile)

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Kristina and TJ said...

I got your message about the cups. They are $11.25 with the K monogrammed. What color did you want the cup and the letter? I'm so glad you liked them. They were the hit of this last show and Jase loves his.