Thursday, July 19, 2012

Kooper 11 months

I know I just did a post on kooper turning 10 months. How am I doing one now about him being 11 months? Where is my pause button???

(4th of July night)

My handsome boy turned 11 months last Sunday the 15th. Only one months until he's 1 :((

(4th of July day)

I'm not taking it so well. Seriously, I have cried a few time about it. Obviously I enjoy watching him grow and learn but I want to keep him a baby as long as I can. Probably because I know he's my last.

(sleeping with pawpaw on 4th of July night)

Not much has changed in a month. He's standing up all the time by his self. He just has not taken that first step.
He's starting to add different sounds to his vocabulary. I swear I hear him trying to say sister or sis on a daily base. He says "dis" all the time as he "points" at something with his fist.

(with daddy needing a nap on 4th of july)

He's still not sleeping through the night. But he only really wakes up one time at night.

(4th of July. Notice the fan in the back? Well our AC decided to stop working that day, in 100 degree weather :( not fun. But it's fixed now)

Still not a good eater. I've tried every baby food known to man kind. He's not interested. So I tried table food...nope, not interested. He's starting to like the gerber Cheetos. It's not that he doesn't eat at all, it's he's only will take a few bites here and there and then pushes it away. He does like chocolate pudding...but who doesn't?

(taking a short nap on momma before I had a movie date with my sis n law. Love these moment more than anything)

I still nurse him. I've introduced cows milk to him a little early only because I've ran out of pumped milk and need to start weening him off me. I didn't feel that this close to 1 I needed to switch to formula. He likes cows milk, but still prefers momma. I have my work cut out.

(just standing around)

He's really starting to get a personality and attitude. We laugh so hard at him when he dances. He sits on his bottom and wobbles his head and tries to shake his butty, while sitting. He gets so mad and upset when sister takes a toy from him or brad or I take something out of his hand he doesn't need.

(he was dancing here to sisters Dora dancing doll...too cute)

He's cut his back teeth already. I know he's in pain, it's swollen and red. He had his second dentist appointment not that long ago. He was pretty good for the most part.

(getting those pearly whites clean)

He's wearing a size 12 month in pants and some 18 month in shirts. Size 4 diaper. He doesn't wear shoes because his foots so fat, he probably wears a 4 though.

(just relaxing in his repaired (geto) push car. He loves this car)

Finally he's starting to take a bath in the big tub!!

(enjoying chocolate pudding)

What little hair he has, is still blondish red. His eyes are still blue/gray. They are gorgeous!!

(hanging out with his favorite person, pawpaw)

As sad as I am that my baby boy is turning one...I'm so excited about his 1st birthday party! We are having it a few days before he turns one. It's sesame street theme and I have some cute ideas I've come up with and some I've had help from pinterest.

(helping daddy pick out his clothes before church)

Stay tuned for his party post. (the way I'm blogging lately, it's probably going to be the next post. I hope not though)

Happy 11months sweet sweet boy!!! The love I have for u is indescribable!!!!!!

(with his pappy)

With Love

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