Thursday, April 26, 2012

B.JAXX - GREAT Website

I have to brag on this website. (keep reading this long post, its worth it) They have no idea who I am and that I'm doing this. This post is straight from the heart because I LOVE THIS WEBSITE!! And the store but it's not local for me.

I honestly could not tell you if the store has the same name as the website. I've only been once and it was when I went to Texarkana TX to visit a friend and she took me there. I believe the store is on the Arkansas side, but anyway...

While I was there I purchased kynlie this adorable pillow case. I saved the package it came in because I knew one day I'd like to check out their website. So glad I did!

Zebra with a pink K pillow case! (excuse the unmade bed)

Well I have purchased 4 shirts off this website for my self, 2 for my mother n law & 2 for my sister n law!

Let me show u the t-shirts I've got...

A few months back I bought these 2 for me, MNL, & SNL



For some strange reason I can not find this shirt (guess the dry ate it) so I snagged this picture with my phone.
The awesome part about these shirts is....they cost $7.50 a piece!!!! AND...I ordered them on a Sunday and they were on my front porch by that Tuesday! Awesome!!!

On to the part of my story that inspired this post...

I ordered myself 2 VERY cute t-shirts & a super cute sun shade cover for my car yesterday at around 1:00pm and I kid you not, they arrived on my porch before 2:30pm today!! 24 hour service for sure!

Check out what I got...
This is my favorite shirt right now, I'm sure I'll wear it out

Perfect for the Texas Ranger games!! Love it!! Oh, and it was also $7.50 :))
Also this very cute T


Oh and this T was on sale for $5!!

And I got this sun shade cover

$5!!!! Yep, $5!!!

So there you have it! Cute, very affordable, T's, anything monogrammed, girly things!

Like I said I was not asked to do this post. I don't know them, but if you do tell them I Love their stuff :))

They have way more that I've shown. That's just all I've far! Great for gifts!

With Love

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Flipflops, Fruitsnacks, and Fripperies said...

My in-laws live about 20min from Texarkana and always talk about this store. I've never been, but they have gotten me things from there. I will have to check out their website!