Friday, April 20, 2012

Kynlie's hair cut

I took kynlie with me yesterday to the beauty shop. I needed to get my bangs trimmed. While we were there I decided she needed a hair cut. Bless her heart, her hair does not grow. She's had only two trims, ever.

I decided to get her baby hair cut off, but left her bangs long.

I'm very pleased on how it looks.

BEFORE (not so cute)

AFTER much much better! I love the curls.

She was such a big girl and didn't cry or whine at all!!

We had fun day together! I love days with her, like this. She's my special girl & growing up on me too fast!!

With Love

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Dianna said...

Too cute! She looks a lot like Brad in these pictures!

Kubin's said...

Thanks! :)) she a lot like her daddy!!