Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Momma's First Mothers Day

My first mothers day!!! Wow, I feel so lucky to be a part of this day now. The best gift ever is to be a mother. I had a great mothers day weekend. It started out with flower being sent to me at work from my "loving husband and daughter". I was SOOOO surprised and thought they were just beautiful!

My Flowers

The card

I guess you can say I picked out my own mothers day gifts. Brad was going to take me to Kirklands in a few weeks (the best store to by decor for your home) to pick out a few items. Well, Friday night we went to Tractor Supply to get his mom some things for her yard for mothers day and I found me a Rooster for my kitchen!! My kitchen is in roosters, reds, yellows, green, & some farm animals (I love my kitchen). Then we went over to walmart and I found another rooster there. Then I found me some pillows I've been looking for, for my couch. So needless to say, that ended up being my mothers day gifts, and I was very happy about it! (no pictures of the pillows or rooster yet)

Heather had the kids make there mommas a very cute mothers day picture. This is mine! It's my first refrigerator hanging!!

Saturday we spent all day at the KJT horseshoe pits, for a benefit tournament for my sister-n-law Andie's niece, who has leukemia :( What a turn out that was! Praise God for the wonderful people that are nice enough to support her and her family. I am proud to say that Brad and his dad won 3rd place out of 50 teams! After a long long day out side Kynlie was pooped and went to bed so easily (maybe I should take her out every night...HA)

Are those not the sweetest pictures ever???

The Pappy

The PawPaw


Sunday we had lunch at Bubba's BBQ in Ennis (AWESOME FOOD!!) with Brad's mom, dad, sister and her family. We a had a great visit! Then that evening we cooked out on the grill with my mom, dad, brother, and his family. The weather was perfect! I couldn't have been happier on mothers day!

Me and Kynlie on Mothers Day!(you can kinda see some of my pillows in the picture)

OH...and some flowers I got to pick out for myself for mothers day (it's great being a mom...lots of gifts...hahaha)

Swinging and napping. (her legs are not that long)

Sweetest face in the world!!!!


Cathy P said...

I had to get my "A Day with the Kubins" fix. I have not been working very hard today. What a precious little family and I am so glad that you had such a nice Mother's Day - you deserve it.

Love you!!!

Crystal said...

I am the same, I have lived her my whole life.. Bryson goes to the same school I went to.. it is so crazy to see these teachers that I had. ha. I have no intensions on moving away.. it is our "home".

There is a Czech town about 20 miles away from here called West. It's tiny, but once a year that have a festival and it is a blast!!

Thank you so much for the prayers!! It means the world to us!!

Does your daughter like her swing? I have thought about getting one for Bentley.

Also, who did your blog? It's super cute!!

glam R baby said...

Hi there! Found your blog thru Crystal and I saw your from Ennis...thats where my hubby grew up!! Small world huh?? Just wanted to share with you!!


The Pifer's said...

What adorable pics!!!! Love your blog!!! :)

Tiffany Pifer

glam R baby said...

His name is Brian Dixon....his whole family is still in Ennis basically...his mom lives right by the middle school in the historical area. His mom is a Cannaday. VERY VERY SMALL WORLD!! :o) What year did u graduate HS?