Wednesday, May 6, 2009

8 Months

Kynlie turned 8 months yesterday. Only 4 more months and we'll be celebrating her first birthday. It's so hard to believe time is just flying by so fast. I love every minute of it, but wish it would slow down. I love this age, she's doing so much and interacting with others so much.

So, what's Kynlie doing at 8 months:

*She's crawling all over the house
*She'll pull up on every piece of furniture or her tall toys and stands forever
*She's saying DA DA and BA BA or BU BU
*She loves to scream VERY loud, when she's playing or when she's upset
*She LOVES LOVES taking a bath and splashing the water ALL over the bathroom (she thinks it's funny)
*She knows what her bottle and paci are. She'll cry if she sees her bottle and you don't give it to her right then.
*She can take her paci in and out of her mouth to either, eat or make sounds and puts it back in
*She is letting others hold her with out crying and I can stand in the same room
*She doesn't cry (as much) when I walk out of a room
*She LOVES to swing in her outside swing
*She smiles so BIG when Daddy goes to get her out of the car when we get home at night
*She eats everything I put in her mouth. (that reminds me, we need to try chicken and gravy again and see if she likes it any better)
*She's still a breast fed baby (GO MOMMY)
*She loves it over at Mrs. Heathers with all the kids
*She cries every time I put her sleeper on :(
*She goes to bed at the same time almost every night 8:30
*She is still sleeping in her bed ALL NIGHT long!
*She takes her naps for Heather at the same time every day. (she's a good scheduled baby)
*She loves to play with her blow up ball, TV remote, plastic hangers (I know weird), and my cell phone
*She's getting a little hair and it looks like it might be brown
*Her eyes are starting to change. They are a little blue, green, and brown. I think they are going to be brown like mommy and her beautiful cousin Bailee. Brown hair brown eyed beauties...nothing wrong with that!!
*She pats me on my shoulder when I'm holding her (it's so sweet)
*She still looks just like her daddy
*She weighs 16 lbs and still can wear some 0-3 month clothes (depending on what it is) but I buy and she wears more of 3-6 month clothes. She's a tiny little thing

I don't have any pictures to share at the moment, but I will soon.

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