Monday, May 4, 2009

Driving Mommy's Car & Standing Up

That's right! Kynlie started driving already! Well, I'm sure that day will be here before Brad and I are ready. Isn't she just a cutie pie "driving" mommy's car. I was cleaning it out on Saturday and her and daddy were just hanging out in the garage and daddy sat her down for a minute and this is how she ended up....standing and "driving".

Speaking of standing!! Our sweet growing girl is pulling up on everything she can get her hands on and standing up. She loves it! We've put the legs on her toy so she can stand and play now. She's getting so big and I love every minute of it. She'll stand forever and play and talk to us. She's also trying to stand in the bath tub, but we're trying to put a stop to that...we don't want any ER visits. She's a brave one!

We have a bow puller on our hands! Momma doesn't like this :(

Tomorrow Kynlie is 8 months!
Sunday Is My FIRST Mothers Day!!!! I thank God that he's allowed me to be a Mother to this sweet precious girl.

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Crystal said...

Oh how fun, we have the same toy and Bentley LOVES it!! We also ordered a pair of black and pink leg warmers a few days ago. I love her clothes.. you have got to tell me where you shop!!