Saturday, January 4, 2014

365 days pictures a day. Day 4 & hunting

Day 4 picture a day.

My morning started off extra early today. Kynlie spent the night with a friend and at 5:45 this morning her mom called saying Kynlie woke up and wanted to come home. Bradley had already left for the deer lease so I had to wake Kooper up and go get Kynlie. By the time we got home they were both wide awake and ready to go. Not me! So needless to say, it's been a long day.

I didn't leave the house again until this evening when we took the kids to Dairy Queen for some ice cream

Bradley and the kids were all hyper and daddy thought having a pillow fight was a fun I was laying on the bed trying to enjoy a movie.

This was Bradley's kill tonight at the deer lease. These dang hogs are a pest when it comes to deer hunting. Pretty appetizing isn't she? Lol!

These next pictures aren't from today but I wanted to post them anyways... I enjoy going hunting with Bradley. It's time alone together. We tease that's it's perfect because he can be with me but doesn't have to listen to me talk because I have to stay quit lol!

Last time I went we didn't see any deer but we say a load of hogs. Nasty, huge, loud, hogs and some babies. Bradley shot at a baby one because supposedly they are better to eat. He got her, but the only bullet he had was more for a deer and blew the hog up basically. So we didn't keep her.

Ok I'm off to bed...maybe. Maybe some pinning on Pinterest!

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