Sunday, January 5, 2014

365 days a picture a day. Nothing much

I just realized I didn't take any pictures today! What? Me?

So I snapped a quick one right now of my pretty nails. I went and had my nails filled today after church (thanks mom)

Today was a busy day but a good day! The kids and I ran to church. We were running late for the second Sunday in a row!

Then we had lunch with Bradley's parents. Then headed to my parents for the rest of the afternoon for my daddy's birthday supper.

Bradley was at the deer lease for the last time this hunting season!! Hallelujah it over!!!

Kynlie and I went to church later tonight for evening service and her Mission Friends class.

Finally we all made it home and then started back to our routine because school starts back up tomorrow!

Speaking of's suppose to be in the teens when we leave for school and the wind chill is around 0!! I thought we lived in Texas?? If it's going to be this cold, at least there could be snow on the ground!

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