Thursday, January 27, 2011

Oh BABY 11 Weeks

BABY!! Another BABY!!!! We are having another BABY!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so excited!!! I have been wanting to do this post for so long now, I just now found the time (not really, I'm just making myself HA)

I feel like I've been pregnant for so long. We found out December 10 and I was just barely pregnant. Lucky me, I work at a doctors office, so I had a free pregnancy test and it showed up in minutes! We told our family on Christmas. Kynlie wore this cute little dress a friend of mine made. The letters started to come off by the second wear and lots of hugs and playing. It said "Santa....I'm A BIG SIS"

I am 11 weeks today. Yes, I know, I look a lot further along than 11 weeks. I'm going to be big! I purposely cut my face out of this picture because I do not look so hot tonight. (rough day at work, cried my make-up off, and there was no point in re-applying)

Baby Sister or Brother:
Size of a Fig
About 1.6 in 0.2 oz
The eyelids are fuse shut, the iris will begin to develop and finger nails appear!
Due date still remains August 19, 2011

Funny Story. Bradley wants a boy so bad. Who can blame him? He's a guy and what guy doesn't want a son (to go along with his sweet daughter), but me I'm wanting another girl. I've always wanted a sister. I love my brother, but would loved to had a sister too. I now have two SIN's and that's just fine. I want Kynlie to have that bond sisters have and I LOVE buying girly things. Anyways, Bradley and I joke around with each other about if it's a baby brother or baby sister. Kynlie has caught on and of course she does and says everything her momma says. So anytime Bradley say's something like "tell baby brother good night" Kynlie gets so mad and say "daddy, dat not baby brudder, it seester". She tells everyone she's having a "seester" She always tells me randomly "daddy not say baby brudder". I have my work cut out for me trying to convenes her different, if we have boy.
Now to clear things up. I will be just as blessed and happy with a boy and love him just as much.

My next apt is Valentines Day. A bitter sweet day for me. It's the day both my grandparents passed away, just 7 years apart. My Ma who passed way 2/14/01 her bday is August 24. Not that I would like to go over on my due date (like I did with Kyn), but I wouldn't mind having the baby on her sweet bday.

Speaking of bday's, Kynlie and baby will only be about 3 weeks apart in bdays. OH DEAR!!

I promise to keep a weekly update. Specially for me and for my family who reads!


Courtney and Heather said...

Congrats Christie! Having a boy is great…they love their momma’s so much! Austin has always been a momma's boy and I think Ace is headed in that direction. ;) But girls are so sweet too!! Either one they are so much fun! Oh, and Austin's and Aydries bdays are 8 days apart!


Ashley said...

I'm a new follower! CONGRATS on the baby news! Your little girl is so cute I know the next one will be too ;)

Christa said...

CONGRATS Christie!!! I'm soo excited for you! Kynlie is going to be such a great BIG Sister!!! : )