Saturday, August 21, 2010

Women of Faith

I just returned home from Women of Faith. My first time to go, but defiantly not my last. I had so much fun, I don't even know that I can explain how much fun HA!

I went with my mother-n-law. She got two FREE tickets from a very sweet friend at work. I use all caps on free because these tickets are not cheap. I will tell you though, I will be paying for one next year, no matter the cost (if one is not given to me) because the experience was amazing!

The music was unbelievable. There is nothing better than worship music!! I'm no singer, but I will sing just as loud as everyone else.

Mary Mary ROCKED the house. I've heard of them and heard them on the radio, but O.M.G. I had no idea. Those two sisters are amazing. If you do not know them, go Google them and take a listen. I purchased a CD while I was there.

There were many many speakers. ALL were wonderful. They all touch my heart in some way.

One speaker, Karen James, who some may know, really touched my heart with her story/testimony. Her husband died in December 2006 on Mt. Hood in a climbing accident with two of his friends. Sadly his friends bodies still have never been found to this day. She makes me want (and I will) go love on my husband even more. You just do not know when you'll say good-bye or "I Love You" for the last time. I wept as she told her story, even more when she played the 911 call she had with the sheriff as she had her husband on the other line telling him she loved him for what she didn't know was the last time. She has a book out call Holding Fast. I will be reading!! Please go check her out as well. As sad as her story is, she's very up lifting too.

Another speaker that I just loved was Luci Swindoll. This women is so funny, she had us laughing the whole time she spoke. She reminded us to not rush for things in our life and to take in what we have now and enjoy it. She used the's Summer and we are wishing for Fall, it's Fall now and we are wishing for Winter, its Winter now and we are wishing for Spring, it's Spring now and we are wishing for Summer. We are 16 and we are wishing to be in our 20's, we are in our 20's and we are wishing to be in our 30's (not me HA), we are in our 30's and now we are wishing for our 20's back. God has some thing special planned for each season/age of our life and we need to just sit back and enjoy it.

Many more wonderful Godly women spoke. I learned so much. Like, do not lable other unless you can lable your self the same. Also the most important reminder they told us was


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