Thursday, August 5, 2010

Just around the corner

How is it possible that in just one short month, this sweet little, tiny, bundle of joy will turn 2?? I just just can not believe time is just flying by.
It seems like yesterday I took these pictures. It's hard to believe she was only around 8 to 9 lbs in these pictures. Now she's right around 27 lbs.
As much as I miss this age and this stage like crazy. I am enjoying every single second of her turning 2. Although she does act 2 more than I would like, I would not trade one second for it. She is such a delight to be around.
I have been busy planning her party. I am a little behind on getting pictures made for her invites, but I know I can pull it together. I can't wait!! I bought her two, yes two, outfits for her bday from Canton (if you're around my area, you know where I'm talking about and it's AWESOME) Now I just need to find her a church outfit....her bday falls on Sunday this year. How exciting, she gets to share her bday with her church friends.
Speaking of church. I have a praise!! We have gone 2 weeks in a row with out crying in the nursery!!!! It use to be, every time we pulled in the parking lot, she's start crying and saying no. It was the saddest little face I've seen. Now when we pull up she starts saying toys. Thank you Lord!!
We are head to the Circus this weekend. I can't wait. We've been playing a video on the Ringling Brothers websit over and over all week to Kyn to get her geared up for it. I love the way she says Elephant. I can't wait till she see this up close and live. I just pray she is good and will not want to wonder around.

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Mrs. Williams said...

Thanks for your comment!!! I'm super nervous about it all mainly the finacial part. But, I know GOD will provide and above all else if need be I'll go back to work.
I can relate to your post here, my little one will be 2 in October and I can't believe it. They grow up so fast.