Friday, June 18, 2010

Hello again...

I'm here! I'm so mad at myself for not keeping up with my blog. I have sooooo many pictures to share of our precious girl. We've been so busy lately, just being a family! I'm loving every single minute of it too.
These pictures are in no order. I'll just do a little updating in between some of the pictures. Enjoy!

The above picture, I think is just precious. I think it belongs in a little tikes ad! I'm having so much fun this summer with my camera. My photography passion is really starting to grow. I have the pleasure of getting to take some pictures of one of my very good friends baby boy this coming Monday....WHEN HE'S BORN!!!!! I can not wait!!! She's being induced, so lets hope he comes at a decent hour ;)

We have been spending a lot of time out doors lately. We are either at Bradley's parents house or our back yard swimming. When we're at Brad's parents, we're either riding the horses, fishing, riding the 4-wheeler, or just running around like crazy and having lots of fun.

Kynlie sure has taken a liking in riding horses. She like to help her Nana pull the dumby steer on the 4-wheeler, while Pawpaw and his friend rope him. Every time Nana takes off, she'll start clapping. It's too cute!

Just a picture of my Handsome!! He's been working hard lately. I love how he's so dedicated to his job and never miss a day of work. He's only missed twice since we've been together for being sick. Well, and of course when we got married and had Kyn.

I'm loving this Minnie Mouse bathing suite I picked up for Kyn. Can you believe I got it at the dollar store!?! I'm so surprised at some of the cutest things they have there. I would have never guest. I just think it's adorable and she helps ;)

Like I've said above, my photography passion is really growing. These next pictures I just love. I can't wait to take more at this same spot. It's down town where I live and it's a red wall. By the way RED is my favorite color! There is green green grass and a bench with a white rock wall. Perfect for picture taking.

I just want to share that Kynlie's little personality is so BIG. She is by far this funniest little girl I've known. She keeps me, Brad, my mom, and Heather laughing everyday. I love it!!! I love that she's so out going. I sure hope she's always this way. She is a dancing queen. Every time music is playing she never fells to stop what she's doing and break it down for us. I have got to get it on video. So funny!!!

She's been talking so much lately. Just carrying on conversations with me or her self. I do not understand most of it, but I know she knows what she's saying. She sounds Chinese HA!!! Still her favorite to say is "uh, what's that?". Dog, me-ouse (micky mouse), horse, mo-cow, water, baseball (and that sounds so cute coming out of her moth), I done, cookie, Q R X, 4 5 6, NO, biapers (diapers), purse, car, and of course momma, daddy, memaw, pappy, nana, pawpaw are all some of the things we hear her say daily. Some times she'll say new word out of no where and we can not get her to say them again.
Lately, I've been letting her run to the bath room naked to get in the bath and almost every single time she'll stop in the same spot and pee HA. It's like she's a dog and she's marking her spot. I can't help but to laugh....then I go clean it up. Her daddy has a heart attach almost every time she does that. He's very particular about our carpet.

She's about to turn two in 2 1/2 months. I can't believe it. I've already started planning and buying things. I think it's going to turn out GREAT this year! We've already reserved the city park for it. I'm so excited.

I'm going to be off work Monday, because my friend Heather is having her baby!!! Then I'm off the week of the 28th through the 4th of July holiday. I'm so excited!! I'm trying to plan a mini mini vacation for the 3 of us. Maybe to Galveston, but Brad's work may keep us from going :(

I'm still enjoying my new job. I have some long hours some days, but since summer has started, it's slowing down some and I get home in time to get in the pool with Kyn and Brad. Since my new job, I've been a different person. I truly think it was the right thing to do, by switching jobs. I'm so much more happy. In my walk with God and in my personal life. I think Brad is happy too!! It's like any job though, I have my days were I wish the day would just end, but I have those way less now than I use to.

Kynlie is NOT liking me dropping her off at the nursery on Sunday mornings. She screams bloody murder every Sunday morning. We've tried different ways of dropping her off each Sunday to see if she'll calm down. We've tried letting her bring her own toys. We've tried letting her walk in by her self instead of being carried. We've tried acting like I was going to stay and play and hope I could sneak out. We've tried letting her daddy walk her in with out me. Nothing so far has working. Although she cries, they have not had to come get us out of service yet. I'm hoping she'll start getting use to it. Any tips??

Well that's it for now. I hope to be back soon with a lot more pictures. Fathers day is Sunday, so maybe I'll have some to share then. Have a great weekend everyone!


Mrs. Williams said...

Good update:) And super cute pics.
good to see a fellow Texan blogging (lol)

Ashley said...

I LOVE the pics!!! I used to live in Texas and miss it like crazy!!!! You have such a beautiful family, I hope you don't mind one more follower!