Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Today has not been a very good day. My Grandmother was hospitalized on Saturday for shortness of breath, that turned into congested heart failure. Today we were told by hospice that she would only live a few more hours. So during lunch, when my mom got the call from my daddy, we headed out. We got to her about an hour later. Thankfully she was still with us and we could see and talk to her.

I had a hard time when I first stepped in her room, tears just started falling. I'm sad for my daddy, his three brothers, and most of all my Granddad. From what we were told and saw she could hear us, but only could respond by shaking her head yes or no or squeezing your hand. She would say "oh me" over and over letting us know she was in pain. So the nurse comforted her with some pain meds.

Before we had got there they had taken out all her IV's and only left one for pain meds. Shortly after she received her meds, her sister showed up and it was amazing. My Grandmother said her name just as clear as me or you could. No one told her who she was and that she was there, like my Granddad did with the rest of the family. I had tears once again. It was something she needed.

Around 6 tonight hospice came in and said that she probably only has 24 hours left. I know they have no idea. They are only going off their knowledge and what they've seen before. God is the only one that knows the hour, minute, second she will pass from this earth and into the wonderful Kingdom and be in God's arms. How lucky is she?

As I type this post it's 10:30 pm and as far as I know (b/c I haven't heard from my parents) she is still hanging on. A part of me wants her to keep hanging on so that I can go see her again tomorrow. Then another part of me prays God will take her so that she will no longer be in pain. I just can't imagine what my Granddad is going to do with out her.

What an amazing Grandmother she is to me, my brother and her 12 grand kids & 14 great grand kids... 28 grandchildren!!! (that's not counting spouses either) She loves her 4 boys and their wife's so much too!! She will be deeply missed.

I love you Grandmother!!!

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