Friday, April 9, 2010

Shame on me & a sign from God

Sorry for the lengthy post. Hope my late night thoughts are not too boring...

I've been a bad blogger. I have a good reason. I started my new job Monday!!! It's totally different from my old job. It's a lot of work. I am always busy and always learning something new. Oh and by the way...I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is never any down time in a doctors office. Now I understand all the time they had to tell me no they did not have an appointment available that day. I've had to work late this week, but I think it's because I'm new and a lot of time went to training me and one of the girls I work with said it was a busy week.

I have to be honest. I sure do miss my time during the day checking up on blogs. (yes, if anyone from my old job is reading, I did get on the Internet...some times HA!) (oh and Cathy, I miss you!!)

I think (know) I made the right decision taking this job. So far I love all the people I work with and for. Notice I said "so far"? I hope it doesn't change. I really do believe God brought me to this job for a reason. It might be so I can grow and learn more. They mentioned to me the other day, if I was interested, they would show me how to do vitals. I took two years in high school of Health Car Science, so I use to know how. Also, they want to teach me how to give shots and draw blood!! AH...scary!! I have a history of passing out. Hopefully it's all behind me.

One way I think God it working here, by allowing me to have this job and to bring me closer to him. I found out today that one of the girls I work with (she's part-time)...first let me say, she is so sweet and a wonderful trainer, I wish she worked full time. Anyways, I found out that she lives down the road from me, just around the corner and that our daughters are only 2 months a part and their names are very similar and the best thing that I think is a God sign is that her husband is the youth pastor at the church I grew up in!!!! I've been wanting to go back there for a while now. Now knowing there is another couple there our age and that have a daughter Kynlie's age is motivation for me to go back. I really think this is God's way of getting me closer to him and he used me getting a new (better) job and meeting a new friend to do it. I love how he works!!!!!

Easter was good!! I have LOTS of pictures to post, just not right now.
Although Easter was good, it was a sad one. One of my best friends (I'm so glad I can call her my best friend) Heather, also known as Kynlie's baby sitter, her dad died suddenly last Wednesday. They believe he had a massive heart attack. He had been sick, but they had no idea this was coming and to come so fast.
She called me Wednesday morning at work, crying hysterically, saying "my dad's dying, my dad's dying". So, the first thing that came to my head was call my mom and get her over there so she can leave. The sweet mother I have, didn't think twice, picked up her keys, left work, and was there in less than 5 minutes. Unfortunately, Heather didn't make it in time to say good-bye to her dad. My heart broke and still is breaking for her. I know how much her dad meant to her and her sister. I know though, that she knows he is in a much better place, watching over her and her family and her sisters family. The service was beautiful. Our pastor from the Cowboy Church did the service and can't think of a better funeral service I've been too.

Easter was also my niece Bailee's 15th birthday. Man, I can not believe she is 15 teen. I remember the day like it was yesterday when she was born. I was in the 7th grade and my mom waited till the end of the day, but then she finally called me out of school so I could go to the hospital to meet that beautiful girl. I have some great pictures of her on her birthday I'll share very soon.

I'm hoping to have a lot of picture upload this weekend and I can work on it. I'm going to bed now. I'm tired and I'm sure if you are still reading my rambling thoughts then you're tired too, so bless you!!!


The Hobbs Family said...

That's great that you love your job. If they already want you to learn to take vitals and all that, they must love you as well!

Having couples with kids all around the same age at church helps, atleast in my opinion. We changed churches about a year ago so that Grant could have more kids around his age and it has been such a blessing. Pray about and God will lead you where you need to be!

Rebekah said...

I am glad you like your new job! Doesn't God work in the neatest ways?!? I didn't know where you lived. I just knew it was in teh Dallas area. Maybe sometime we can meet up?!

Cathy P said...

I miss you so much Christie!! I am so glad that you are loving your job though and I completely agree that you are where God needed you to be.

I love you!


It is just not the same without you here, I never ever go up front anymore - I really don't.